Native Whitetail, Exotic Animals & Sunflower Seed

Our Ranch

Prickly Pear Ranch has been on Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Permits Program for several years.  As the Ranch maintains its status at The Conservation Level, it focuses on optimizing The Native Herd of Whitetail Deer, as they are adapted for the highly unpredictable environment of The Texas Cross Timbers. There are no artificially engineered Deer on the ranch.

Commensurate with program practices.  The Ranch maintains sex ratios and animal densities on a yearly basis.  With the proficient planning of native habitat and resources, The Ranch does not require an ongoing and costly supplemental feed program.

The Primary Exotic Animal on The Ranch is The Fallow Deer. These animals were chosen as they are primary grazers, and not direct competitors for forage with The Native Whitetail Population.

The Ranch has a 60 acre field dedicated to the production of Native Sunflower Seeds.

The Fast Lane

New landowners, often upon advice of others, try to take the quickest approach to a Hunting Mecca.

Animals are typically purchased without any regard or thought towards their environmental impact. Simple questions such as “Are these animals primary grazers or browsers, and how will they compete with each other and the native wildlife?” are often overlooked. Further, translocating animals often presents its own problems as animals purchased from the south are not suitable to the winter stress levels in North Texas or The Panhandle.

These “Put and Take” operations are not often sustainable in the long term. The cost of supplemental feed becomes astronomical, as well as the loss of the valuable native forage. Years often pass before a landowner realizes he/she realizes they simply have a very costly annual stocking program.


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